Pollination, a perfect alliance between plants and animals

Firmly rooted in soil, over the course of their evolution plants have had to develop biological mechanisms for feeding and reproduction without moving, a characteristic that differentiates them from animals which on the contrary move around to procure food and…


Solar energy in Italy: where do we stand?

The Sun is the main source of energy on our planet, from which we derive almost all the forms of energy we use on a daily basis, such as winds, fossil fuels and tides. Life on Earth depends on solar…


From the Moon to Jupiter via Mars: Space exploration in 2022

The year 2022 will also be full of new space missions: from the Moon to Mars, to the moons of Jupiter, via the International Space Station, here are some of the projects that will take off in 2022! James Webb…


Spring is back

While the temperatures of the last days of winter and the first shoots and buds on the trees had already announced it, on 20 March spring officially began again at 4:33 p.m. (Italian time). At that exact moment, the Sun…


8 March. We remember Rosalind Franklin, the great female DNA scientist.

DNA was first isolated by Friedrich Miescher, a Swiss biochemist in 1869. It was a brilliant, but not complicated operation: DNA can be extracted from a mixture of any cells, even your own, even at home. The recipe for the…


In search of the riders of icebergs

International Polar Bear Day, set up by Polar Bears International, a non-profit organisation, was held on 27 February. The aim of day is to increase awareness in all of us of the challenges that polar bears must face daily due…


Medicine, climate or space exploration? The main scientific challenges in 2022

According to the international journal Nature, the year that has just begun will bring with it major scientific and technological challenges. According to the journal, there are a number of scientific investigations 'to watch for in 2022' that will cover…


A naturalist’s voyage around the world

12 February is Darwin Day, the annual event that falls on the birthday of Charles Darwin (born 12 February 1809), the British naturalist who, with his theory of evolution, changed the understanding of events in the natural world. This tradition…


Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai

On 15 January, at about 5 pm (Italian time), the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano erupted, spewing a huge amount of ash into the atmosphere. The volcano is part of Tonga, the Polynesian kingdom in the South Pacific that has over…

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