Praising the meatball

Let's learn to transform waste into resources How often have we opened the refrigerator to find a couple of eggs and a yoghurt expired a few days ago, a bit of wilted salad, half a bottle of a fizzy drink…


Spider lullaby

There are spiders that weave a classic web, that one we all know, to catch prey. There are others who use the web to line a hole in the ground, building themselves a comfortable, padded den. Still others use silk…


Double blow to dinosaurs

The Main Asteroid Belt is between Mars and Jupiter, an enormous ring consisting of millions of large and small rocks that altogether has a tiny mass: only 4% of that of our Moon. Yet the asteroid that changed life on…


The Arctic is warming up four times faster

The planet is warming due to the greenhouse effect—this is now clear to all of us. What is less well known is that the planet does not warm evenly since there are areas where the temperature rise is greater than…


Which is coldest, the Arctic or Antarctica?

As we face the hottest summer in years, let's try to answer this refreshing question: is it colder at the North Pole or the South Pole? The Arctic and Antarctica are the coldest places on Earth. The reason lies in…


Summer 2022, warm bathing in the Mediterranean

A very interesting site (climatereanalyzer.org) publishes free interactive maps showing information on climate and weather worldwide. For example, air and ground temperatures, wind regime, ocean current speed, and many others. The sea surface temperature map shows, for the summer of…


Earth Overshoot Day 2022

Every day the Earth offers us countless resources, such as food, timber, CO2 absorption by forests and oceans, fibre, space to live. Today, July 28, humankind will reach the day when the demand for resources and services will exceed what…


Who’s coming to dinner

A shark in my hamburger Summer is finally here! As usual, we have waited for it all year long and now it is time for vacation and the sea. At the sea we definitely will not miss out on delicious…


Climate and the Earth’s volcanoes

We know that the chief greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide. We also know that the greenhouse effect is the cause of global warming. But where does the carbon dioxide come from? CO2 is a gas that is essential for life.…

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