Energy from the sea: Orbital launches O2, the world’s most powerful turbine

Orbital Marine Power, the Scottish developer of the world's leading floating tidal turbine technology, has successfully launched Orbital O2, a 2 MW turbine that harnesses river and tidal currents. O2 was launched yesterday in Dundee Harbour, transferring it from the…


Earth Day 2021

The 22nd April is Earth Day, one of the biggest events dedicated to environmental protection. Each year, events and initiatives aimed at raising awareness on environmental issues are held worldwide. Instituted by the United Nations, Earth Day serves as a…


Bicocca University brings sustainability to homes

Thanks to the "Presenti!" initiative, one of the five projects selected in the third edition of the crowdfunding programme of theUniversity of Milan-Bicocca, 400 families in the city of Milan, with children aged 6 to 11, will receive a gift…


Pollinating insects at risk

Times are not so good for pollinating insects such as bumblebees, butterflies, wild bees, wasps, moths and hoverflies. These insects, which are gradually disappearing from meadows, have been brought to our attention by WWF: over the past 30 years, Europe…


Seas are getting warmer and fish are migrating to the Poles

Global warming is reaching the bottom of the sea and upsetting the delicate balance of ecosystems. Rising water temperatures have a strong impact on biodiversity in marine ecosystems. A group of Australian and New Zealand researchers have identified the risk…


Relentless deforestation: more than 12 million hectares lost in 2020

In 2020 we destroyed an area of tropical forest equal to 12.2 million hectares, slightly larger than the size of Bulgaria. Compared to 2019, this is an increase of 12%. These are the findings of the latest Global Forest Watch…


3D-printed “vegie” battery from Scotland

The aim of engineers at the University of Glasgow in Scotland was to create more sustainable and efficient power storage systems. This is the idea behind a new 3D-printed recyclable battery whose raw materials derive from vegetable starch. In order…


World Meteorology Day 2021

23 March is the World Meteorology Day. This, in fact, an important day for meteorology, since on 23 March 1950 the Convention that established the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) came into force. The WMO is an intergovernmental organisation comprising 189…


World Water Day 2021

Try to imagine our lives without water: we could not drink, eat or wash ourselves. There would be no plants and animals, no rain, no seas, rivers, lakes... In short, without water, life on Earth would not exist. This is…

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