Urban ecosystem 2020

Trento, Mantua and Pordenone top the ranking in the Urban Ecosystem 2020 Report, the annual dossier prepared by Legambiente, with the scientific contribution of the Istituto di Ricerche Ambiente Italia and the editorial collaboration of Il Sole 24 Ore which,…


North Pole increasingly ice-free

In the annals of the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), a new negative record has been achieved for the North Pole sea ice. October has just ended and the Arctic ice is late in forming, so much so…


Now there is an app to understand the climate by playing

A video game app: Change Game, the new science-based collaborative and interactive video game created by the CMCC Foundation (Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change) and developed by Melazeta srl with the support of EIT Climate-KIC. Change Game is also an…


Wet moon, lucky moon

On Monday 26 October 2020, NASA revealed a sensational discovery about our Moon: there is definitely water, also on its sunlit surface. The announcement was made with a press conference streamed at 5 p.m. Italian time. The notion that there…


After 13 months drifting through Arctic ice, Polarstern has returned to harbour

The largest-scale expedition ever conducted in the Arctic Circle has returned after 13 months of work. After departing on 20 September 2019 from the port of the Norwegian city of Tromsø, Polarstern, the laboratory vessel of the MOSAiC Expedition (Multidisciplinary…


Crispr-Cas9, the gene factory

Nobel 2020. The biochemists Emmanuelle Charpentier, French, and Jennifer A. Doudna, from the United States, were awarded the most important prize in science with equal merit and with the following motivation: "For the development of a method for genome editing."…


Nobel Prize 2020

On October 5, the week dedicated to the allocation of the Nobel Prize winners began. The committees in Sweden and Norway are currently nominating the winners in the various categories ranging from science, literature and economics to peace. So let…


Lignin becomes a resource for nylon production

Researchers at the Ames Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy have discovered how to bring lignin from the Kraft process, an industrial method of chemical extraction of cellulose from wood, back into the production cycle. This is an industrial…


The Sun is heating up again: a new solar cycle is beginning

Summer has just ended but the sun has yet to start to "warm up". Our star is a huge furnace that doesn't always work the same way but, like our mood, has ups and downs. There are times when the…

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