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Sustainable Farming

Some rules for sustainable farming. * Growing different crops every year (crop rotation) in the same field keeps the soil healthy by reducing the amount of parasites. * A farm with animals and fields allows the farmer to recycle the manure and other animal waste to fertilise the crops. * The protection of natural areas (woods, ponds, marshes, torrents, etc.) ensures the survival of ecosystems that are essential to man’s life not only because they can be used for leisure, camping, trekking, bird-watching, etc., but also as sources of genetic variety applicable to farming. Sustainable farming techniques allow the farmer to reduce the impact of farming on the soil and water reserves. * There are advanced technologies (chemical soil analysis, satellite imaging and other) that allow the farmer to assess the actual conditions of the land, so that he can accurately determine how much chemicals (fertilisers and plant chemicals) he needs. In this way, the use of these substances and the risk of damaging the natural ecosystem can be reduced.

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