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Percentage breakdown of municipal waste management in Italy, 2015

Once we have produced waste, what do we do with it? The chart shows how municipal waste is managed in Italy. The analysis of the data shows that landfills still account for 26% of municipal waste produced. Recycling of the various parts coming from sorting or from mechanical biological treatment (MBT) of municipal waste reaches, overall, 44% of production: 18% consists of recovery of the sorted organic part (food waste+garden cuttings) and over 26% of recovery of the other parts. 19% of municipal waste produced is incinerated, while 2% is sent to manufacturing plants, such as cement plants, power plants, etc., to be used in the production cycle and to produce energy (co-incineration); 1% is used, after adequate treatment, for covering landfills, 3%, consisting of waste resulting from MBT plants, is sent for further treatment, and 1% is exported. Finally, the “other” item includes, for example, the quantity of waste remaining in storage at the end of the year at treatment plants.
Data source: ISPRA, Rapporto Rifiuti Urbani, 2016

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