Poplar groove

Exploiting natural woods is not enough to meet all demand, and trees have begun to be grown to make timber. Poplars are perfect to fulfil these purposes since in very few years (10 – 12) they grow very tall so that they can be used in many different ways (plywood, particle panels, cellulose paste, toothpicks, matches, etc.). While in the beginning native trees were used, now the trees used are hybrids selected for growth, wood quality, resistance to parasites and diseases. Poplar groves find their ideal location along the Po banks since they need plenty of light and soils that are fairly loose, airy and that can be irrigated. Man has to work at them at all the time so much so that poplar groves are regarded as a real cultivation, just like corn: land tilling, pesticide spraying and pruning. However plain and boring the sight is made by these orderly rows, they also offer a nesting place to magpies and carrion crows which are the birds best suited to live near urban settlements.

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