Building with rocks

Easily pliable limestones, sandstones and igneus rocks are often used for some specific constructions, like frames, building fronts, columns and pillars. In some rustic buildings, especially on the mountains, thin natural layers made of slate are used instead of roof tiles.
For extremely elegant buildings or monuments, marble, tufa and alabaster are widely used.
As a precious covering, sedimentary rocks with very pretty drawings are used. They are called “onyxes”. Magmatic rocks, metamorphic and especially calcareous rocks, which can be easily polished and are resistant to tear and wear are widely used for interior flooring. Instead, for road flooring, river stones or even more resistant rocks like granites, porphyries, syenite and gneiss are used. Gravel and crushed stones are used for roadbeds and railway ballasts (the ground where asphalt and tracks are set). In order to protect riverbanks, lake or sea shores, big heavy and very resistant rocks are usually used, especially compact and dark effusive and metamorphic rocks.

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