Thermoelectric solar plants

The definition passive solar systems refers to the systems in which solar energy is used directly. For example greenhouses are glass structures that allow the Sun to enter, but do not let the heat escape. In this way they are able to maintain temperatures inside the structure that are higher than those outside. Then there are the solar distillers, in which in a closed space, covered by transparent panels that are exposed to the Sun, sea water evaporates and condenses and forms water that has no salts, and therefore that can be reutilised.
In the active solar systems instead, solar energy is collected and transformed into thermal or electric energy before it is utilized. This type of system includes solar thermal power systems, solar concentrator systems used for the production of thermal energy and solar photovoltaic panels for the production of electric energy. The best technologies also enable the cogeneration of different types of energy, and it is possible to accumulate thermal energy in many ways and for different uses.

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