Thermo-solar energy accumulators

Just like the other renewable sources, solar energy is not constantly available. As a consequence, accumulation systems are extremely important for the evolution and development of technologies.
The energy produced by thermo-solar plants does not have to be limited to sunny hours nor have to be hampered by clouds. For this reason, two techniques have been tested. They also allow a better use of the installation and therefore a lower cost for the production of electric energy:

  • accumulation of thermal energy: the heat is used to warm a medium from which, on a specific moment, heat is extracted to produce electric energy. These devices are quite cheap, highly efficient and allow to keep the installation working during peak periods and night hours. They also have the advantage to eliminate, in many cases, fluctuations due to clouds.
  • Solar-methane hybrid systems: during prolonged periods where solar heat is absent, the methane can provide the missing energy, with a reduction of costs. A hybrid system can be economically convenient also for the supply of modest solar power.

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