Global network

On ground level, meteorological observations are carried out by a network of over 10,000 stations distributed all over the Earth’s surface, to which we must also add the numerous mobile stations on ships and aircraft that are equipped for the purpose.
The main observations are pressure, temperature, air humidity, direction and speed of the wind, precipitation, clouds. The more important stations also measure insolation, the sun’s radiation, evaporation and ground temperature. The data that are collected enable the reconstruction of the weather charts on ground. In Italy, the stations are managed by the meteorology service of the Military Aeronautics, and are connected to the international network, coordinated by the World Meteorological Organization. All observations and transmission of data are carried out according to a precise international code.
The ground stations’ data are integrated with the data recorded by the satellites, that are connected to each other through the worldwide network of meteorological satellites. The World Meteorological Organization carries out the task of collecting the data, coordinating and codifying the exchange of information of various Countries, so that it is possible to work at the problems connected with the weather and climate on a global scale.
At present, thanks to the Internet network, it is possible to access numerous sites that are concerned with meteorology, including the national services, where it is possible to consult weather charts and have access to forecasts and satellite images.

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