The landscape around volcanoes

In volcanic regions the landscape is also characterized by a series of minor but very fascinating phenomena, like geysers in Iceland. They are fountains of extremely hot water that comes out directly from the ground and is pushed very high. In Italy, instead, fumaroles are very popular. They are emissions of gases and vapours originating from fractures on the volcanic structure. For example solfatares belong to this type of phenomenon. They are particularly popular in the Campi Flegrei areas, in Campania region. They develop especially when the volcano is almost extinct. They are emissions of water vapour, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide that come out and deposit as sulphur on the surrounding surface. Also the boric-acid fumaroles in Tuscany are fumaroles that produce a vapour full of boric acid. And finally, it is necessary to mention thermal springs, which are also popular in Italy, and produce water that is very rich in hot gas, sometimes enriched with minerals.

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