Biodiversity is the result of 3 billion 800 million years of evolution, and it is essential for the survival of mankind. In fact we depend on nature for many fundamental resources, among which food, building materials, heating, textile fibres and the active ingredients of medicinal products. Furthermore nature provides for other vital functions such as the pollination of plants, purification of the air, water and soil, etc. Today human activities are a severe threat for biodiversity, and they jeopardize the existence of numerous species. The destruction and fragmentation of the habitats, air, water and soil pollution, excessive fishing, the overexploitation of resources, forests and fields, the introduction of alien species and the emission of increasing amounts of gas with the greenhouse effect. that provoke climate changes, are only some of the causes of the loss of biodiversity.

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Biological diversity

The Earth is populated by an incredible number of different living creatures. The term that is used to define this…

Loss of biodiversity

The main cause of the loss of biodiversity can be attributed to the influence of human beings on the world’s…

Biodiversity and adaptation

Ecologists believe that every animal has its own “profession”, which consists in finding the perfect correspondence among the species and…

Biodiversity and camouflage

If a subject moves, the eye can see it helped by various elements that are correlated to the visual capacity…

Extinction is for good

Extinction is an evolutive process that leads to the disappearance of a species or a population. When a species becomes…

The value of biodiversity

Due to the growth in the human population, in production and consumption, over the last two centuries the natural ecosystems…

Biodiversity and bioindicators

Ecologic research is more and more oriented towards an assessment of the quality of the environment and its resources. The…

Let’s save biodiversity

With small daily actions also we can do something important to preserve biodiversity. Here is some advice: Don’t buy animals…

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