The amount of meat we eat

Current meat consumption have grown a lot in comparison to the past: FAO has estimated that they have been raising globally by almost 400% in comparison to 1961. Today in industrialized countries meat per head consumption is around 80k. In Europe, in 2002, have been consumed 74,3 k of meat per capita but in Italy the European average has been overcome with 90,4 k of meat consumed per capita! Globally meat consumption is destined to grow more, especially in developing countries where incomes are in constant increase adn 30 k per head consumed today will become 36 k in 2020. China, instead, will increase its meat consumption by 55% in comparison to 1993, reaching 73 k per head. As for our regards, in industrialized countries, consumption will increase to reach overally 90 k per head per year. As we have seen, meat, eggs and cheese production can have a strong impact on the environment and not always can preserve the well-being of animals, especially if these are raised with an intensive and industrial system. To understand how we “consumers” can choose the less harmful products for the environment and for our health we should think about the different actors involved in the animal production chain and identify which tools are available for them to produce more sustainably. Consumers, finally, can lower their meat consumption and make sustainable buying choices.

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