How to breed animals

Have you ever wondered how is produced meat you can find well-packaged and neatly filed on shelves at the supermarket? If we retrace the production process we can discover lots of interesting information on how animals are raised and on the environmental damages resulting from the production of meat, eggs, milk and cheese that we eat every day. In the last decades, a method of breeding which is very far from traditional techniques employed in the past by mankind has got a foothold at a global scale. It’s industrial breeding, an intensive method of production allowing to lower production costs and at the same time increase the quantity of produced meat: basically, this method allows to produce more economically and faster! This allows to sell meat, which has always been a luxury good that few people could afford to eat, at lower prices. We shouldn’t be misled, though, the cost of meat, infact, is low only for consumers but it isn’t low for the environment nor for animals that pay a very high price: in breeding farms often the well-being of animals isn’t respected and polluting substances for the environment are produced.

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