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Earth Day 2022

22 April is Earth Day, one of the major events devoted to environmental protection, during which events and initiatives aimed at raising awareness on environmental issues are held. Instituted by the United Nations, this day serves as a reminder that we need to re-establish the original equilibrium of the planet, since this is the only one we have got and it is our duty to defend it.

Earth Day is celebrated on this date and marks the anniversary of the first Earth Day held on 22 April 1970 in the United States. Answering the plea of Democratic Senator Gaylord Nelson, millions of US citizens, various organisations that until then had waged specific battles, thousands of colleges and universities joined in a large, nationwide demonstration dedicated to the preservation of the planet. This major event not only gave significant impetus to environmental initiatives around the world, but was also decisive in the organisation of the 1992 United Nations Summit in Rio de Janeiro, where the Declaration on Environment and Development and the Declaration of Principles for the Sustainable Management of Forests were adopted by more than 178 governments. Today the event involves 192 countries and, on average, about one billion people worldwide.

This year’s theme will be ‘Invest in our planet’ (#InvestInOurPlanet). Earth Day 2022 is focused on accelerating solutions to combat our greatest threat, climate change, and to galvanise everyone – governments, citizens and businesses – into doing their part. Each of us is responsible and involved.

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