Recycling figures

World Recycling Day is celebrated on 18 April. Where do we stand in Italy? According to the 2021 report of the Foundation for Sustainable Development, Italy is increasingly differentiating and recycling waste. Let’s give some figures, starting with packaging recycling: paper (87%), glass (79%), plastic (49%;), wood (62%), aluminium (69%), steel (80%). And what about organic waste? More than 18 million tonnes were recycled, corresponding to 63% of the total produced.

Recovery of WEEE, i.e. electrical and electronic waste, also performed well, with 38.4% recycled. However, there is still a long way to go to meet the European target of 65% for 2019. Even with vehicles (currently 85% recycled) we are far from the 95% target set for 2015. Finally, 43% of spent batteries are recycled. All that remains is to continue on this path!

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