published on 13 September 2021 in energy

The interactive map of European hydrogen is online

The network of transmission system operators for gas, ENTSOG, has created an interactive map which, for each European country, shows the projects launched in the field of green hydrogen – i.e. produced with renewable electricity – or low-emission hydrogen – obtained from gas by CO2 capture. The new digital platform, created by bringing together information from Gas Quality and Hydrogen Handling and public data, provides a broad overview of the industry. The map, in fact, shows various initiatives, also classified according to the degree of completion (planning, R&D, pilot, actual project). They range from industry studies to actual applications, from electrolysis plants to transportation infrastructures, from storage to large integrated projects such as Hydrogen Valleys. You can zoom in on specific regions or countries and filter projects by promoter name, location, type, deadline or start date.

The aim is to present the latest news on the subject to stakeholders and policy makers so that they can easily visualise where the initial supply and demand centres will emerge. “The EU hydrogen strategy and the European Commission’s forthcoming decarbonisation legislative package will focus on this vector to support the EU’s commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050,″ the association writes. “Further discussions are needed on how to expand and launch that market.”

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