published on 15 April 2021 in earth

Bicocca University brings sustainability to homes

Thanks to the “Presenti!” initiative, one of the five projects selected in the third edition of the crowdfunding programme of theUniversity of Milan-Bicocca, 400 families in the city of Milan, with children aged 6 to 11, will receive a gift of a box containing 5 activities and experiences on the theme of environmental sustainability. The aim of the campaignlaunched on the Italian platform, Produzioni dal basso, is to get to the heart of families who need new stimuli to encourage a real change of outlook on everyday life and reduce educational poverty. The boxes are divided into 5 areas, 5 experiences to try, 5 learning opportunities, related to environmental sustainability.

DETECTIVES IN THE PARK (Link – experiment to learn)
Aim of the area: to stimulate children’s curiosity, together with their families, to discover the natural environment in depth.

GIFTS FROM TREES (Link – ecological footprint)
Aim of the area: to remind children that nature does not throw anything away: it recovers, recycles, transforms. It leaves footprints, but biodegradable ones. It tells stories and makes gifts.

TEATIME (Link – food waste)
Aim of the area: Suggest to children the ritual value of food and time spent together, in a meal. Enjoying the shared moment of a meal and considering food as a value not to be taken for granted, also means taking care not to waste it and to reuse waste wherever possible.

I LOVE! SUSTAINABLE SHOPPING (Link – reduce waste)
Aim of the area: to suggest to children the importance of choosing reusable objects, customising them using their own creativity to make them special.

PLAYING AND RECYCLING (Link – creative recycling)
Aim of the area: to suggest to children that old or broken things can become resources with which they can play with friends and family, to develop creativity and new ideas.

Four locations have been envisaged for delivery of the boxes, all of them in Milan near via Tolmezzo. These are places with a history of change and redevelopment, with strong links to schools and families: green areas, areas regenerated through tactical urbanism, peripheral areas transformed and reclaimed by associations and citizens. The intention is to distribute 100 boxes at each location, but a much higher number will be possible if the crowdfunding exceeds expectations. The boxes will be delivered during Autumn 2021 or Spring 2022. The initiative is not intended to end with the delivery of the gift, but to be “a first step towards building relationships with families to develop a virtual community for the exchange of experiences”.

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