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Darwin Day 2021

12 February is Darwin Day, the annual event that falls on the birthday of Charles Darwin (born on 12 February 1809), the British naturalist who, with his theory of evolution, changed the interpretation of events in the world of nature. This tradition was born in England and in the United States where, already since the years immediately following Darwin’s death on 18 April 1882, a day dedicated to him started to be celebrated. Over 200 years have passed since the scientist’s birth, but the huge contribution made to scientific research still affords him the enormous recognition worldwide to this day.
Darwin Day is celebrated worldwide with outreach and scientific events and represents an opportunity to reflect on scientific thought, on curiosity that is at its foundations, on the passion for pursuit of the truth of which the English naturalist has become a symbol. The anniversary in fact constitutes the opportunity to defend the scientific achievement through the values of rationalism and secularism.
In Italy, Darwin Day has only been celebrated since 2003. The opportunities for celebrating the anniversary are many and extend beyond the single day of celebration. In Italy, to find an event, visit Pikaia (in italian), the evolution portal.

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