published on 21 December 2020 in energy

The first hydrogen-fuelled home heating project gets under way

A unique experimental project is being launched in Scotland: H100 Fife, the first green hydrogen-fuelled home heating project, will be constructed by the SNG energy company in Fife, an administrative area overlooking the North Sea.

Credits: SNG

From the end of 2022, SNG will replace natural gas, used for cooking and heating homes, with hydrogen produced by electrolysing water. It will start with a pilot project that involves the supply of hydrogen to three hundred homes, which will serve as a demonstration facility for the following 4 years. The objective of the pilot project is to ascertain the performance of the energy vector in a real domestic context, so as to be able to understand its effective benefits. The hydrogen used will be green, with zero emissions, as it will be produced locally by an electrolysis plant powered by a nearby offshore wind turbine. When fully operational, the project will be the first to offer hydrogen-fuelled home heating, putting the Scottish community at the forefront of the energy transition.

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