published on 13 December 2020 in space

From the Hubble telescope to the Caldwell catalogue

For the 30th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope (in orbit since 1990), NASA has released 30 extraordinary new images. These are thirty celestial bodies that are part of what is known as the Caldwell Catalogue, first published in 1995 in the Sky & Telescope trade journal by astronomer Sir Patrick Caldwell-Moore. This catalogue, inspired by the Messier Star Catalogue, is remarkable because the 109 astronomical objects listed are also visible with telescopes for amateur use or to the naked eye, to the delight of all astronomy and night sky enthusiasts. With these last 30 images, NASA has now published 87 of the 109 objects in the Caldwell Catalogue.

The U.S. Space Agency has also posted a video on its YouTube channel showing the new images taken by Hubble that have just been published in the Caldwell catalogue. With this video, NASA invites you to explore some of these beautiful images with the guidance of an astronomer, as well as to go and browse through the Caldwell catalogue.

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