published on 3 June 2020 in energy

World Bicycle Day

Today is World Bicycle Day. It was officially established by the United Nations on April 12, 2018 as a day for celebrating and promoting the social benefits of this means of transport: bicycles are easy to maintain, reliable, healthy and ecological.  The resolution signed by all 193 Member States recognises the longevity and versatility of bicycles, which have been used as a means of transport for over two centuries.
Moreover, this pandemic has shown us this clearly: our cities are filled with cyclists. Many families and adolescents have chosen a new way of moving. With World Bicycle Day, the United Nations recognises the contribution of cycling to the sustainable development of society. The use of bicycles helps to spread the importance of physical education, especially amongst children and young people. Regular, moderately intense exercise, such as walking or cycling, has a positive impact on our bodies and health. Cycling is not only healthy; it is also affordable, economical and sustainable.

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