published on 11 November 2019 in air

Climate change lessons for everyone from September

Climate and sustainability will be key subjects in the curricula of schools all over Italy from the next school year. Minister of Education Fioramonti has in fact announced that, from September, global warming, climate change and sustainability will become subjects to be studied in all state schools, for a total of 33 hours per year. This is not the only innovation introduced, and indeed many traditional subjects, like geography and physics, will be studied from a different angle linked to sustainable development. The aim of the Minister of Education is to make the Italian education system the first to place the environment and society at the centre of what children learn.
If the project really is successful, Italy would become the first country where ecology becomes a mandatory subject in schools.
The Ministry of Education (MIUR) has also produced the www.ilverdeascuola.it website to gather ideas from students, teachers and educational institutions on issues related to the environment, climate change and sustainability education. For this reason, students and teachers are asked to use the platform to share environmental education projects they have carried out and the best practices used in schools.

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