published on 9 October 2019 in energy

Announcing Floor®, the photovoltaic paving

Invent, a company that has been working since 2006 to create innovative systems “made in Italy” in the field of renewable energy, has invented Floor®, a walkable photovoltaic tile that makes it possible to make use the ground to install photovoltaic panels. The idea arose from the consideration that Sunlight arrives everywhere: it lights up houses and the walls of buildings, monuments and its rays shine on streets, squares, parks and gardens.  Why not therefore make use of these surfaces to generate energy? Conventional paving made of asphalt or concrete can now be replaced by Invent Floor® photovoltaic tiles, thus turning the ground on which we walk into a further source of energy.

Green tiles are created to blend in harmoniously with gardens, green spaces and natural environments: home garden paths, urban parks, but also agritourism contexts, rural and mountain areas. Credits: Invent

Floor is a floating paving system, that is it is laid in a position higher than the surrounding ground, using an adjustable height mechanical support, which raises it off the ground to a height of between 3.5 and 5 cm.  The resulting space serves to install the electrical connections, which remain easily accessible for inspection, maintenance and repairs. Floor® paving is also fully walkable: the glass from which the tiles are made is tempered by a special process that makes it slip-proof and it can withstand weights up to 200 kg/m2. Invent is already working to create solutions with a higher load-bearing capacity. Each photovoltaic tile is composed of 24 cells with a total power of 100/120 W depending on the colour: six finishes (green, grey, teal, gold, black, brown) are in fact available, to adapt to the surrounding environment.

During laying, the contacts will be connected to an optimisation system that improves the performance of the modules in the event of shading. This system allows the tiles in the sun to retain their full performance, while those in shady areas will produce less energy.  As soon as the latter are once again lit up by the sun, energy production will be readjusted until they reach full generating power again.

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