published on 27 September 2019 in air

Third global climate strike, 160 Italian cities involved

Once again today, people will be taking to the streets for the third global climate strike, after those held on 15 March and 24 May. In Italy, marches are planned in the morning in the centres of the 160 cities involved, followed by final mass rallies, during which the activists from 173 local groups will speak. This time the protest will be global and will involve people of all ages: in fact, not only students, but also their parents and teachers, as well as scientists, workers and some trade unions will be marching. Over the past few days, the Italian Minister of Education sent a circular to head teachers inviting them to excuse absences of students who take part in the climate strike.

This Friday strike arrives at the end of #WeekForFuture, the week of climate demonstrations proclaimed by Fridays For Future all over the world. The week began on Friday 20 September with demonstrations in 130 countries all over the world: according to the organisers, a total of 4 million people attended the rallies.  Climate strikes have been held as from 20 September, as for example in the United States. Italian activists chose to strike on 27 September, along with 26 other countries:  New Zealand, Thailand, Myanmar, Mali, Eswatini, Gambia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Hungary, Slovenia, Greece, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Virgin Islands (USA), Argentina, Venezuela, Aruba, Ecuador, Guam, Honduras. Greta Thunberg will attend the rally in Montreal, Canada.

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