published on 6 May 2019 in water

Blue Flag 2019

Liguria, ahead of Tuscany and Campania, is top of the list of 385 Italian beaches that have been assigned “Blue Flag 2019” awards, assigned by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) for the excellence of their bathing water.

In order to obtain this award, resorts must earn goods marks for 32 indicators that are periodically updated (to find out the criteria, click here). The indicators considered include the presence and effective operation of purification plants, the percentage of connections to the sewage system, waste management, separate waste collection, initiatives devised by administrations to improve conditions during the summer period, promotion of any nature reserves, care of communal facilities with the presence of cycle tracks and pedestrian areas, but also the possibility of access to the sea for everyone without limitations. In this way, local administrations are encouraged to increasingly raise their standards.
Italian beaches (in both seaside and lakeside resorts) awarded the certification are located in 183 municipalities, 8 more than last year, and account for 10% of those certified at world level. Liguria has no less than 30, followed by Tuscany, with 19 resorts. Campania still has 18, followed by Marche with 15 and Sardinia with 14 resorts. Puglia has to be content with 13 Flags (it has lost one), Calabria has 11, while Abruzzo now has 10 with the entry of a lake. Lazio has added a new resort reaching 9, and then come Veneto and Emilia Romagna respectively confirming their 8 and 7 Flags. Sicily has gained one Flag to reach a total of 7, Basilicata increases to 5 with one new entry and Friuli Venezia Giulia confirms the 2 Flags it earned last year. Molise remains with just 1 Flag. The flags awarded to lakeside resorts have also increased: in 2019 there are no less than 17. Trentino Alto Adige is still in the lead with 10 resorts, Abruzzo has one new entry, followed by Piedmont (3) and Lombardia (1). This year too, therefore, Italian tourism will be able to boast a significant number of bathing resorts (both seaside and lakeside) that are certified as excellent.

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