Italian offshore wind farm

The first Italian wind farm will be installed in the waters of the Strait of Otranto, 20 km from Tricase (Lecce) and the environmental impact is considered negligible due to its significant distance from the coast. Furthermore, since it consists of floating platforms this will enable the exploitation of a clean source of energy, without having to intervene on and modify the sea bed and the landscape. In fact at that distance the turbines are practically invisible to the naked eye. This offshore wind farm is an innovative technological project consisting of two 2.5 MW aerogenerators, twenty-three 3.5 MW aerogenerators and one 7.5 MW aerogenerator which will produce a total of 93 MW electric power. The aerogenerators will be anchored at a minimum distance of 20 Km from the coast of the Puglia region where the sea reaches a depth of 110-120 metres.

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