Myths and legends of the forest


The dark and mysterious shadows of the forest are populated by fabulous creatures that have existed in men’s dreams for hundreds of years. Myths and legends describe them with lots of details: extravagant beings, good or bad according to the feelings people show towards them. These entities live in flower corollas, under the umbrella of the weirdest mushrooms and in rock gorges covered by musk. They are called elves, gnomes, pixies, and among them there are also some feminine creatures….
Fairies are supernatural beings that are present at human beings’ birth in order to have a positive or negative influence on their life. The origin of the word “fairy” probably comes from Latin “Fatum or fato” (destiny). This name was assigned to Parcae, that according to the Greek was the feminine trinity that owned human destiny and controlled time. Bancshees were, instead, Celtic fairies that announced that something terrible was about to occur by shouting. In Asia “Peri” were represented with colourful wings; they ate flower perfume and were dressed in sunrays. There are also Slavic fairies, like the Albanian “Fatit”, that flies riding butterflies and, after a baby is born, she stays by his/her cradle to decide whether his/her life will be lucky or full of disgrace. The fairy, in all traditions, is always a spirit of the Nature, a good being who sometimes can be bad. The myth of witches is linked to bad characters.



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