Just an ordinary day, in absence of gravity

The typical day of an astronaut in some ways is rather repetitive, it is subdivided precisely into various activities that each member of the crew must complete. Besides working for everything to operate correctly, and to complete the scientific experiments, each member of the crew must take care to keep absolutely fit. For this reason, the astronauts take turns, various times a day (for at least a couple of hours) to carry out sessions of gymnastics, cyclette and other physical activities.
There are also communications with the base, and public conferences with the journalists, politicians and students. However will the astronauts  have to have the time to eat, sleep, and carry out those activities that humans normally do? Certainly, but there will be some small complications to overcome to do so! For example with regard to food, there is a slight drawback:  the senses of taste and smell are not so strong. In absence of gravity, in fact, liquids tend to accumulate in the upper parts of the body, therefore astronauts often have a stuffed nose with a consequent decreased sense of smell and taste.
And to sleep? In space there is no up or down, therefore there are no lying position or standing position. To sleep, astronauts slip into special sleeping bags that have previously been fixed to some point of the station. In this way, during sleep they do not sway to and fro suspended in the air, and avoid hitting against the sides of the modules.
And after a day of work… a relaxing shower! Not really, special attention must be paid to the drops of water! The crew must always make sure that water does not invade the living area, sticking to the walls, and creeping  between the electronic and mechanical elements. Each astronaut therefore enters a separate cabin that is well isolated from the outside, where a kind of thin drizzle of suspended drops of water is formed. Each drop is then literally pressed against the skin so that it will stick to the body. Then , after having washed oneself, each little droplet must be eliminated rubbing the body accurately with a special cloth. This is certainly not what may be defined a moment of relax

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