An underground hospital

In the Russia of the Ural mountains, amidst the woods of the taigs, there is a very peculiar hospital: it is located approximately 300 metres below ground and treats disabling and chronic diseases, for instance bronchial asthma and arthrosis. It is certainly unique but, according to the doctors of the Speleo-therapeutic Hospital, a period spent here provides absolutely exceptional results: no one of the Birizniki miners, according to the health services, suffers from asthma or arthrosis or any other seriously disabling disease. Such success is due to the special atmosphere existing with the large voids of the fields of sylvite, a mineral that is a bit like rock salt: the climate is perfectly even all through the year; the air is cool but not cold (approximately 10 degrees), very dry (around 10-15% relative humidity), virtually free of suspended particles and extremely rich in ions.

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