Various uses of the carob tree

Since the antiquity, this evergreen tree has been grown as a fodder plant in Asia, Europe and northern Africa. It is also used as a barrier against wind and fire. It is mainly used as an evergreen ornamental plant, but it has also been planted to reclaim wastelands. The wood of this plant is mainly used as fuel. Its cultivation and the production of industrial goods are quickly increasing in northern Africa, especially Morocco. Carob pods produce excellent fodder. Approximately one half of the flesh is made of sugar and once dried it is sold as a dessert, called “pane di San Giovanni”. The flesh is not only used as a dessert but also as syrup or brewed into a liquor. It is also used as a tasty ersatz chocolate. Part of the seed is made of mucilaginous rubber, which is used as an emulsifier and thickener to make ice cream, cheese, salad dressings, make-up, textiles, drugs and industrial goods.

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