The “wave-swallowing” dragon

Wave Dragon, that swallows waves and generates electricity is a plant for the exploitation of sea wave energy. It has a large boomerang shape, with a pool in the middle. The two lateral arms act as a “spring” for the waves that run on it and are caught by a 55 cubic metre elevated tank. Water, pushed down by the force of gravity, goes out from the outlets located on the pool bottom, that contain 7 turbines. The flow is transformed into electricity, which is sent to the earth by a submarine cable. The experimental plant, installed in March 2003, has 7 kW power. In 2006 a 4-7 MW complete prototype should be built. A plant with 7 units, occupying 4 kilometres of length should produce 50-80 MW power and provide energy for 40,000-60,000 houses. These plants should be built together with the off-shore wind plants: the same cables could be used to send power to the land and, as the waves arrive eight hours after the wind starts, power production could be more continuous. Wave Dragon is more efficient in the ocean, while in the Mediterranean the waves are weaker and the power output is lower.

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