Porto Marghera Hydrogen Park

In Porto Marghera (Venice), the Hydrogen Park was created. It is the biggest centre in the world for hydrogen production, exploitation and study. The objective is to exploit the potentials of such an industrial and energetic area in order to let hydrogen improve from the quality point of view, by launching a series of demonstrative applications that will help this energy carrier gradually enter the different sectors of society. In this park 5,000 tons of hydrogen will be obtained each year by recovering the by-products of already-existing chemical-industrial power plants. Other 5,000 tons will be obtained from the new coal gasification plants. Hydrogen will also be used to make a new turbogas cogeneration plant (20 MW) work for the production of electric energy and heat. A series of micro-generators will be created with fuel cells for blocks of flats, hospitals and shopping centres. The 5,000 tons of hydrogen, transported through a hydrogen pipeline, will supply the water-buses in the Venice lagoon, but also buses and 17,000 cars a year (driving 10,000 km a year). Through floating platforms, the carbon dioxide produced by the coal plant, in the future, will be pumped into underwater deposits at a depth of 3,000 metres. It will therefore be trapped by the water pressure. The carbon dioxide produced will be also stored in underground deposits. In this way residual oil and gas that ordinary systems have not managed to recover will emerge to the surface.

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