Archimede project

Recently the Archimede Project was created (by Enel and Enea), representing the first world integration between a combined gas cycle and a concentrating solar power plant, based on a very innovative technology studied by Enea.
Archimede will use a high-performance technology that will produce electric energy all the time, also at night and when the sky is cloudy. In fact Enea has created a new system where the direct Sun light is concentrated and accumulated by a parabolic mirror system, thanks to the properties of a new salt fluid, so that high-temperature (up to 550°C) heat is made available at any time of the day.
The experiment will take place in the Enel plant of Priolo Gagallo. The large plant will increase its power by 20 MW and will produce solar-origin electric energy in order to satisfy the need of a 20,000 people’s town, by saving 12,500 TOE and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 40,000 tons a year.

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