What are the hills?

A hill is a natural rise of the Earth’s surface. Generally, it is less than 600 metres high: it is lower than a mountain and has a less sharp shape.
Some hills (so-called building hills) originated from the deposit of debris (rocky or sandy) transported by the glaciers (morainal hills) or by the wind (sandy dunes). Volcanic- origin hills are part of this group (there are some in Campania and Lazio). They originated from the material that erupted from the volcanoes in central Italy. Other hills (so-called destruction hills) originated from the erosion of areas on the Earth’s surface that were originally higher. A hilly landscape is characterized by vineyards, olive trees, or poplars that demonstrate the high fertility of these lands. It is often possible to see that hilly landscapes have been modified by the presence of men: several towns and roads have been built on hilltops or along the hillsides (for example in Loreto and Urbino).

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