Water in the human body

In some organisms, water can compose up to 90% of their total weight. For instance, man is made of water up to 60% of his weight: his brain is 70% water, blood is 82%, lungs nearly 90%. Every cell of our body is extremely rich in water molecules. And it is because of the water’s ability to solve an extremely high number of substances that man, as well as plants and animals, can absorb nutritional elements, minerals and all those chemical compounds he needs to survive. For instance, carbohydrates enter our stomach through the food we eat but can be ‘metabolised’ and give us energy only through the water that carries them, through the blood system, from the intestine to each single cell, where they are “burnt” to produce energy. Likewise, the waste and toxins produced by our metabolism are expelled from our organism solved into the water we drink, that we remove when we urinate (“pee”) or sweat.

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