The most populated cities in the world

In the last 50 years the world population has passed from 2.5 billion to 6 billion, and estimates say that it should reach 8 billion in the year 2025. A consequence of this demographic growth was an intense urbanization and, above all, the proliferation of large metropolis. Around 3 billion people are concentrated in urban centres. Today’s metropolis are not just located in the western world, on the contrary the major metropolis are situated in the less developed world. More than 25 cities have more than 10 million inhabitants.
The most populated city in the world is Mexico City, with 31 million inhabitants. The urban area of this city is half the surface of Belgium. San Paolo, in Brazil, is the second metropolis in the world: it has around 25 million inhabitants. Researchers say that in the future San Paolo may melt with Rio de Janeiro (19 million inhabitants) and create a huge megalopolis on the Atlantic Ocean coast. In the African continent there are only 3 big huge cities: Cairo (Egypt), Lagos (Nigeria), Kinshasa – Brazaville (Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo). However the African continent has experienced the biggest urbanization in the latest years.
In Asia there are 11 of the biggest metropolis in the world. This makes of Asia the so-called “urban continent”. Among them is Calcutta with 31 million inhabitants, Shangai with 22.7 million inhabitants and Beijing with 19.9 inhabitants. In the top 20 chart there are only 2 cities of the western, more industrialized world: New York (22,800,000 inhabitants) and Los Angeles (14,200,000 inhabitants). According to 1991 census, the 4 most populated cities in Italy are: Rome (2,775,250 inhabitants), Milan (1,369,231), Naples (1,067,365) and Turin (962,507). Obviously these figures are a lot lower than those referring to the world biggest cities.

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