The Christmas tree tradition


People tell that in Germany, at Christmas Eve, Saint Boniface cut an oak and in that place an ever-green plant grew. He explained that the new tree was the symbol of life and it was a divine sign. It seems that this episode started the fir tree tradition to celebrate Jesus’ birth.
Some others, instead, say that in Germany during Christmas Eve, a man who was going back home, was fascinated by the incredible stars the were shining on the fir trees branches. In order to explain to his wife what he had just seen, he took a fir tree home and decorated it with candles that were shining like stars. The neighbours watched the tree with the candles and from that moment the Christmas tree tradition started.
Other people, instead, think that the tradition goes back before Christmas itself. The old priests of central Europe, called Druids, noticed that fir trees kept always green, also in winter. For this reason they thought they were a symbol of long life and started started paying tribute to them during winder festivities. As a consequence, since Christmas started to be celebrated, the fir tree tradition has been kept.

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