Ant and fish activities

A small insect like the antilion, digs funnel shaped traps in the sandy ground when it is in the larva stage. The insect hides in the sand, at the bottom of the trap and waits for its prey with its  jaws, like large saw-toothed pincers that inject a paralyzing liquid,  stretched wide open. When an ant passes on the edge of the funnel, it inevitably falls into the insect’s mouth.
The angler fish instead has a flat body and a large head, sharp teeth and a large mouth. The first spoke of  the dorsal fin has fringed appendages which move about like worms on a hook. The angler hides under the sand and leaves only the spoke of the dorsal fin visible, and when a fish is lured by it, it  gets swallowed by the angler’s large mouth. Electric rays are fish that keep their prey away and kill and stun the prey they eat, using special electric organs. These can pass electric current up to 45 volts.

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