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Water knowledge

There is an indissoluble bond between food and water, and the agricultural revolution has had a heavy impact on the water resources of the planet. The depletion of lakes, rivers and freatic aquifers is the consequence of uncontrolled use of water and excessive quantities drawn for irrigation, while pollution of the sources of fresh water is due to industrial, civil and agricultural waste. The increase in the demand, the climatic changes, the persistent dry spells in many regions make access to fresh water a problem that must be solved. On a global scale, 70% of the total amount of water is used in agriculture and in animal farming. Let us not forget that water is also necessary for drinking, eating and washing purposes. At present each day, there are still 2 billion people who face difficulties in getting 20-50 litres of water that are necessary for daily activities. We are speaking of a resource that must be protected! Just think, a tap with a few drops that leak. is a waste of this important resource. For example if the drops fill a small cup in 10 minutes, over 11 thousand litres of water are wasted per year. This amount is equivalent to drinking 65 glasses of water a day for a year!

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