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Fascinating and gigantic balls of incandescent gas suspended in an empty space, that shine with their own light. We all know the stars. Even in the sky over our cities, so greatly penalized by light pollution, we are able to see some. At times we are even able to identify some depending on the difference in colour and intensity. Did you know that we are made of stardust? The iron in our blood, the oxygen that we breathe, the calcium in our bones, all the atoms we are made of, were created in the stars billions of years ago, just like all the other elements that are present on our planet.


The Christmas Star and Angel compete for the most important position above the top beam of the Christmas shed...

2009: an important year
2009 is a very important year for science...

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The Olbers paradox
Why is the sky dark at night? What seems like an obvious question...

The PP cycle
Nuclear fusion within the stars begins with the different passages...

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