Green Algae Lake


What is eutrophication? Causes, effects and control

After seeing the picture of children swimming in a sea of seaweed, you will surely wonder what strange phenomenon has hit the coast of Qingdao in eastern China. It is an abnormal growth of algae, a clear manifestation of a…

Colorful wool and bar of French soap used for felting


History of detergents

Origins Detergents are frequently used and essential products in our lives, thanks to their ability to remove dirt, thus contributing to the reduction of the presence of germs and to maintaining good personal hygiene. Soap, like all objects of daily…



Vincent Pyramid: the death of a glacier

On Sunday, 12 July 2015, while northern Italy is gasping for air and the heat seems to be overwhelming even my home town of Biella, the alarm rings at 4:30 am. A long car drive along deserted trunk roads -…



How rich are we …. in blue gold?

The blue planet: water availability in the world 24 December 1968, a date of historical importance. The Earth was photographed as it rose in the lunar sky. The astronauts of the Apollo 8 mission were the lucky ones to see…



How much water is on your plate?

Still waters run deep! This proverb reminds us how many times we have heard popular proverbs about water, and how many times we have seen advertisements to promote the great therapeutic properties of water. In Italy, it is easy for…



Centenary of the conquest of the South Pole

The conquest of the South Pole The first centenary of a memorable feat, the conquest of the South Pole, will be celebrated in 2011. In fact, on 14 December 1911, exactly 100 years ago, the Norwegian Roald Amundsen reached the…



Life in Antarctica

Moving in Antarctica How is it possible to live and work in Antarctica? Which sagacities must be used for a research? After understanding the motivations scientists research in this continent, we will look for the answers of these questions. Antarctica…



Research in Antarctica

A fascinated continent Antarctica is a continent with a very particular charm. It was the last to be discovered and explored (the South Pole was reached in 1911) and many difficulties were encountered when exploring Antarctica due to its particularly…



Biotechnological cleaners

Bacteria that "eat oil" In today‚Äôs society, more than 80% of human activities are closely connected to the production of energy generated by the combustion of oil. The utilisation of this natural fossil resource offers modern man inalienable benefits and…

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