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Climate change in the spotlight

Climate change has been the protagonist for almost two weeks at the COP21 in Paris. We now await the Paris Agreement to be ratified by all countries to achieve the set objectives. Now it is important to keep the issue…



Climate agreement reached in Paris

It's official, we have a global climate agreement. The official text of the much awaited "Paris Agreement" was released around 1.30 pm on Saturday, 12 December by the UNFCCC, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and approved at around…



Let’s clarify COP21

The glossary of the 21st Conference of the Parties The 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change opened its doors on 30 November in Paris, Parc des Expositions le Bourget. During these…



Latest news regarding the climate

Polar temperatures in the USA, days in March that are almost like summer, extremely violent typhoons ... global climate seems to have gone crazy! What is happening to the Planet? As you know, the climate is a complicated subject, that…



What will the climate be like?

Fiction vs reality In a famous scene of The day after tomorrow1, the paleoclimatologist Jack Hall presents the results of his studies to a group of delegates of the United Nations, preannouncing an imminent glaciation that will seriously endanger humanity.…



Typhoons, hurricanes and cyclones

The typhoon in the Philippines and the flood in Sardinia On November 8, 2013 typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines with winds reaching 315 km/h on the ground, and waves over 5 m high. A destructive power unlike any other event…



Carbon Footprint

CO2 emissions and lifestyles If your parents decide to buy a new car, they might be attracted by a car with low CO2 emissions or they might seek information regarding the new LPG-fuelled or hybrid vehicles, less polluting than the…



Rio+20: The future we want?

Rio+20: expectations and disappointment The appointment that we were so looking forward to, of the international conference on sustainable development, Rio+20 - United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), held 20 years after the historic Earth Summit in Rio in…



Rio and the battle against desertification

The Rio Conventions: focus on UNCCD In Rio, two other great challenges for sustainable development, which are closely connected with the climate challenge, were identified: the fight against desertification and against the loss of biodiversity. In this connection, two known…

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