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Geothermal stories: what can we do with the hot water?

Close your eyes and think of the word 'geothermal'. What you see? In addition to hot springs, the spectacle of geysers and the production of electricity, what can we do with the hot water? Actually, despite little is said of…

Wind turbines and solar panels in Nord Friesland Germany


Ten years of renewable energy worldwide

Il Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (Ren21) periodically publishes data and statistics on the market, industry, investments and policies regarding renewable sources worldwide. This data is presented and analysed in the “Renewables 2016 Global Status Report”, this…

Gas flame


The energy future includes natural gas

In the 80s, a series of TV commercials represented the arrival of natural gas in Italy as a baby in blue overalls happily crawling. Thirty years have passed, but that image, linked forever to the slogan "natural gas gives you…



Horizontal axis wind turbine: technological evolution

Technologies for harnessing the wind for electricity generation have seen remarkable growth in the last decade, especially compared to the system configurations of classic wind turbines (for details please refer to the article: Wind energy: horizontal axis wind turbine technology).…



Wind energy: horizontal axis wind turbine technology

Foreword Wind energy can be exploited, converting it into mechanical or electrical energy, thanks to special machines, i.e. wind turbines. There are several types of wind machines, which differ in terms of system configuration (horizontal or vertical axis), energy production…



The demand for natural gas in Italy

To understand the demand for natural gas in Italy in recent years, we look at the trend in consumption in the period 2005-2014. The demand for natural gas in 2014 amounted to 61.9 billion cubic metres, bcm, a decrease of…



Natural manifestations of hydrocarbons

How does oil form? Oil originates from the decomposition of organic matter through the action of living microorganisms (bacteria) under anaerobic conditions (without oxygen) which, over geological periods (millions of years), lead to the formation of "kerogen". Subsequently, due to…



A decade of gas demand

World demand for natural gas Eni publishes annually the World Oil and Gas Review, the annual statistical survey of the world oil and gas market and of the refining system, this year in its fourteenth edition. This is a good…



The energy scenario in Italy

The National Energy Balance Sheet    Every year the Italian Ministry of Economic Development publishes the country's National Energy Balance. This gives us the opportunity of analysing data regarding the demand of energy in Italy, focusing in particular on the…

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