Summer wind

A sixteen-year-old Swedish girl is braving the wind, cold and rain to take her protest against the changing climate onto the streets. She does so with large placards on which she writes harsh words with a felt-tipped pen denouncing the…


One giant leap for mankind

First steps on the Moon Next 21st July, at 4:56 am Central European Time, it will be exactly 50 years since the first, momentous, landing of human beings on the Moon. Let's go back to 1969 to relive those moments…


Does methane help life on Titan?

In 2034, a drone with eight propellers called Dragonfly will fly over the frozen surface of Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. NASA will launch Dragonfly in 2026 as part of the New Frontiers research programme. The module transporting Dragonfly to Titan…


Curious facts about summer

If someone asks you “When does summer begin?”, very probably you would answer that it begins on the summer solstice, which this year falls on 21 June. Yet a meteorologist might say that it had already begun some time earlier,…


Pollination, a perfect alliance between plants and animals

Firmly rooted in soil, over the course of their evolution plants have had to develop biological mechanisms for feeding and reproduction without moving, a characteristic that differentiates them from animals which on the contrary move around to procure food and…


The Piltdown Man, or the most famous hoax ever

Flat Earth, toxic vaccines, alien invasions, chemtrails… Scientific hoaxes run rife on the web since social networks came into being. And yet they are not modern inventions, such hoaxes have always existed. One of the most famous hoaxes ever concerns…


Urban woods

When walking along a tree-lined avenue in a crowded and traffic-congested city, wrapped up in our daily commitments, we do not usually notice the trees under whose shade we are walking, nor do we ask ourselves which benefits they bring…


Easter with extinct friends

Easter Island is shaped like a triangle with three extinct volcanoes placed at the vertices, and has a total area of 163 square kilometres, therefore just a little smaller than Milan. It lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean,…


Italy’s status on renewable sources

Renewable sources in Italy The Energy Services Operator (GSE) periodically publishes data and statistics on the renewable sources used in Italy. The issue of the “Energy from Renewable Sources in Italy – 2017” statistical report (published in February 2019 and…

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