Urban woods

When walking along a tree-lined avenue in a crowded and traffic-congested city, wrapped up in our daily commitments, we do not usually notice the trees under whose shade we are walking, nor do we ask ourselves which benefits they bring…


Easter with extinct friends

Easter Island is shaped like a triangle with three extinct volcanoes placed at the vertices, and has a total area of 163 square kilometres, therefore just a little smaller than Milan. It lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean,…


Italy’s status on renewable sources

Renewable sources in Italy The Energy Services Operator (GSE) periodically publishes data and statistics on the renewable sources used in Italy. The issue of the “Energy from Renewable Sources in Italy – 2017” statistical report (published in February 2019 and…


8 March. We remember Rosalind Franklin, the great female DNA scientist.

DNA was first isolated by Friedrich Miescher, a Swiss biochemist in 1869. It was a brilliant, but not complicated operation: DNA can be extracted from a mixture of any cells, even your own, even at home. The recipe for the…


In search of the riders of icebergs

International Polar Bear Day, set up by Polar Bears International, a non-profit organisation, was held on 27 February. The aim of day is to increase awareness in all of us of the challenges that polar bears must face daily due…


Urban aliens

When you take your dog out for a walk in the public gardens near your home or during a stroll through a park in your city, have you ever asked yourself which species the trees that surround you belong to?…


Dwarfs and giants of the islands

Elephants have eyes that are small in proportion to the size of their heads: it is quite hard to locate their eye sockets at the sides of their skulls. On the contrary, their large nasal cavity right in centre of…


What Are Solar Cells? Everything You Wanted To Know

When you think of renewable energy, what comes to mind? Water? Wind? Indeed, these two examples have proven the most popular in recent years. In fact, as it stands now, hydropower is the cheapest renewable energy in use today. Wind…


St. Lucy’s night: a night of shooting stars

In Italy, St. Lucy’s night  is known traditionally as “the shortest night of the year”, but due to the passage of the Geminid meteor shower, it will also become the “brightest night of the year”. In fact, the night between…

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