Who is behind that flower?

From ancient Greek, μιμέομαι meaning “to imitate”, mimicry is a phenomenon whereby some species take on the appearance of another organism, or the colours, shapes or other characteristics of the environment in which they live. Perhaps the best-known imitators originate…


A turtle’s life

Sea turtles are the oldest living reptiles today. They have been inhabiting the oceans for over 150 million years without having changed their physical appearance. Up to 200 years ago, millions of them populated the oceans’ waters: now they still…


Is lithium the new petroleum?

In 1925, Charlie Chaplin dedicated one of his most famous films to the “gold rush”, a phenomenon that in the 19th century caused thousands of people to migrate to the United States, in search of fortune in mines, leaving behind…


It takes two to tango: dance and love in the animal kingdom

From tango to belly dancing, flamenco to tarantella, from ancient Oriental palaces to discotheques, dance is not only an authentic art but also synonymous with passion and the art of seduction. Cultures everywhere have always been well aware of this…


Free divers in evening suits

They waddle along in an ungainly and comic way, sliding at speed with their bellies on the ice and swimming even more swiftly in the sea using their wings as flippers. We are talking about penguins, animals that symbolise the…


Italy’s status on renewable sources

Renewable sources in Italy The Energy Services Operator (GSE) periodically publishes data and statistics on the renewable sources used in Italy. The issue of the “Energy from Renewable Sources in Italy – 2016” statistical report (published in December 2017 and…


Scientific citizenship and involvement of citizens

Once upon a time, scientists conducted their experiments, formulated their theories and made their products inside their laboratories. They shared their results, models and theories with other experts before making the known to the rest of society. They played an…


Bottled water: is it the right choice?

Water is a precious, vital and extremely important commodity. In short, it is a resource that should be preserved and protected every day. Yet on the contrary, what we see increasingly more frequently is unsustainable management of this essential resource,…


Colours through history: a brief journey amongst some pigments

Colours are part not only of our culture and our figures of speech, but also of our daily life. Only rarely, however, do we stop to think of the primary role that colours have in our lives. For example, let's…

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