Scientific citizenship and involvement of citizens

Once upon a time, scientists conducted their experiments, formulated their theories and made their products inside their laboratories. They shared their results, models and theories with other experts before making the known to the rest of society. They played an…


Bottled water: is it the right choice?

Water is a precious, vital and extremely important commodity. In short, it is a resource that should be preserved and protected every day. Yet on the contrary, what we see increasingly more frequently is unsustainable management of this essential resource,…


Colours through history: a brief journey amongst some pigments

Colours are part not only of our culture and our figures of speech, but also of our daily life. Only rarely, however, do we stop to think of the primary role that colours have in our lives. For example, let's…


Artificial intelligence: how can it be governed?

From ‘Blade Runner’ to ‘Matrix’, from ‘WALL-E’ to ‘I, Robot’, artificial intelligence, whether as androids, algorithms, software or cyborgs, has been part of our collective imagination for several decades. Already in the 1940s, Isaac Asimov, famous above all for his…


Arctic: a new cold war?

“You never really know your friends from your enemies until the ice breaks.” Inuit proverb When passing this proverb down from generation to generation, the Inuit probably did not realise that, one day, it would be the ice of the…


Climate changes, natural disasters and refugees

One person every second. This is the rate at which – on average from 2008 to 2014 all over the world – natural disasters like hurricanes, flooding and earthquakes have forced an increasingly large number of people to flee their…


The Christmas Star Tradition

A plant that symbolises the Christmas season, decorating homes and shops and featured prominently by the florists and garden centres in our cities. We are talking about the Poinsettia, better known to everyone in Italy as the Stella di Natale…


Asbestos: an on-going battle

Asbestos, the name of which derives from the ancient Greek term asbestos, meaning “unquenchable”, is also known as amianthus, also from the ancient Greek amiantos, meaning “incorruptible”. As both names suggest, the fibres of the minerals that are classified in…


Superfood: the medicine of the future?

Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Extraordinary elements that grow naturally are able provide our organisms with higher than average quantities of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fibre, enzymes, mineral salts, antioxidants and phytonutrients), and these…

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