Hi-tech energy-storing flowers

In the history of man, nature has always constituted an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the creation of technological systems. And it is precisely by imitating the perfection of a flower that researchers at the North Carolina State University have…



Why is there oil in Val d’Agri?

About 250 million years ago, Val d’Agri was characterised by a tropical climate and temperatures never fell below 15 degrees centigrade: the climate could therefore be compared to that of the current Bahamas. The Valley was replaced by a huge…



Hywind, floating wind power turbines

The future of wind power turbines is afloat. In fact the first floating wind power farm will be set up in Scotland. The sites that are suited for installation of the power plant have been located off the shores of…

Windturbines on the ocean


Italian offshore wind farm

The first Italian wind farm will be installed in the waters of the Strait of Otranto, 20 km from Tricase (Lecce) and the environmental impact is considered negligible due to its significant distance from the coast. Furthermore, since it consists…



Some curiosities about methane hydrates

Not only energy The melting of the ice cells, not only brings about the release of methane gas, but it also produces another important substance: fresh water. Hence, methane hydrates are also a reserve of fresh water that could be…



The plant of Almeria

In the Tabernas desert, 30 km north-east of the Andalusia town of Almeria (Spain), there is the biggest European research centre for the study of solar technologies producing electricity. That, between cactuses and rare bushes, is the best place to…



The “wave-swallowing” dragon

Wave Dragon, that swallows waves and generates electricity is a plant for the exploitation of sea wave energy. It has a large boomerang shape, with a pool in the middle. The two lateral arms act as a “spring” for the…



ITER fusion reactor

The reactor that will be able to produce electronuclear energy without risk of explosion or radioactive waste is called Iter (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) and is based on nuclear fusion. The project was supported by China, Japan, Russia, United States…



A hydrogen house

In Settimo, a municipality close to Turin, the first Unité d’Abitation has been created. This building works with a hydrogen system. It is four-storey building that will be occupied by offices (it is the seat of Asm utility company), in…

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