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Brief history of geothermal energy

It accounts for 25% of the energy needs of Tuscany, 1.3% of national demand and it is estimated that in 2050 it could meet 3% of the electricity demand of the entire planet. And yet we can say that currently…



2015: a year of soils

2015 was proclaimed "International Year of Soils" by the General Assembly of the United Nations, following a proposal made by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and accepted by the UN during the 68th United Nations General Assembly held on…



Magnets and superconductors

The phenomenon of magnetism Which one of us has not played at attracting small pieces of iron with a magnet? A magnet is a material that can attract iron and other metals, like cobalt and nickel. The magnetic properties of…



Van Allen belts

The spectacular phenomenon of polar auroras The Van Allen belts are responsible for polar auroras, one of the most fascinating phenomena that we can see on the Earth. Polar auroras consist of coloured belts that stretch across the sky giving…



Small steps, great footprints

Which one takes up more space, an apple or a steak? Have you ever wondered how much space is taken up by an apple or a steak? Quite easy: an apple occupies about 0.6 sq. m while a steak occupies…




Water and gravity in action Very punctually, with the arrival of the spring and autumn precipitations, the topic of landslides in our country returns. Landslides are a destructive phenomenon that cause damage to man made structures, often causing victims among…



The hydrogeological risk

Inundations On the sides of  watercourses are plains known as flood plains, that get flooded only occasionally after large amounts of rainfall or the sudden melting of consistent amounts of snow masses, which provoke river floods or spates. In these…



The earthquake in Japan

In-depth on the earthquake in Japan Japan is one of the countries in which earthquakes occur most frequently. The reason of this phenomenon is simple to explain: the Japanese archipelago. in fact. is inside what is known as the “ring…



Alps and Appennines

How a mountain chain is born The term orogeny was born from the Greek words oros (mountain) and genesis (origin); it indicates all the geological processes that engender the formation of a mountain chain. Indipendently from the geographical position, climate…

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