Help! a storm! Man has always been afraid of lightning, in fact in the past lightning was considered a sign of the anger of the gods, but in reality, even though lightning may seem an exemplary punishment, the possibility of…


Life in Antarctica

Moving in Antarctica How is it possible to live and work in Antarctica? Which sagacities must be used for a research? After understanding the motivations scientists research in this continent, we will look for the answers of these questions. Antarctica…


In the fridge of the world

A fascinated continent Antarctica is a continent with a very particular charm. It was the last to be discovered and explored (the South Pole was reached in 1911) and many difficulties were encountered when exploring Antarctica due to its particularly…


What language does science speak? 2nd part

There is an old proverb that says “the apple does not fall far from the tree ”. Apparently it seems perfectly true: the product of something or someone is quite naturally similar to what generated it. As we observed in…


Praising the meatball

Let's learn to transform waste into resources How often have we opened the refrigerator to find a couple of eggs and a yoghurt expired a few days ago, a bit of wilted salad, half a bottle of a fizzy drink…


Everything is transformed

At primary school we learn that nothing is created and nothing is destroyed. We have heard this phrase so many times that it sometimes sounds like a folk saying. Usually, at middle school, the science teacher also adds but everything…


What language does science speak?

Do you remember the game called “Chinese whispers”? All the participants had to stand in line and the game started with the first player whispering a word or a sentence in the ear of the person standing next to him.…


The Fermi paradox

In our galaxy, the Milky Way, there are over 100 billion stars. Around us, we have discovered 100 billion more galaxies: we have not yet been able to see beyond them. Therefore, doing a simple multiplication, today we know that…


Summer wind

A sixteen-year-old Swedish girl is braving the wind, cold and rain to take her protest against the changing climate onto the streets. She does so with large placards on which she writes harsh words with a felt-tipped pen denouncing the…

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