How much hotter is your hometown, than when you were born?

Have you ever asked yourself how much hotter your hometown is now than when you were born? This is the idea that prompted the New York Time to create an on-line simulator (How Much Hotter Is Your Hometown Than When…


Goodbye to halogen lamps, LED lamps are mandatory all over Europe

From 1 September 2018, halogen light bulbs are being switched off and LED lighting are becoming mandatory throughout Europe. As from 1 September 2018, halogen light bulbs will be banned on European scale, in implementation of Directive 244/2009.  Halogen lamps,…


New material changes shape with light and colour

Several programmable materials, that is those that can be programmed to change their physical properties (shape, density, conductivity, optical properties…) in response to external stimuli, have been developed by the scientific community, but never before have there been materials that…


Monumental trees of Italy, 332 new entries approved

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Forest and Tourism Policies has announced 332 new entries in the list of monumental trees in Italy, the number of which has risen to 2,734 trees or uniform systems of trees. The new entries are…


Islands moving towards sustainability

Islands are ideal workshops for tackling, and winning, the most urgent and important environmental challenges that the World is facing. Legambiente, the Italian environmentalist group, in its recent report on “Isole sostenibili” (Sustainable islands) describes the experience of 32 islands,…


International Tiger Day 2018

Today, 29 July, is International Tiger Day, created during the St. Petersburg Tiger Summit in 2010, when all the countries where tigers still live committed to the Tx2 goal - doubling the number of wild tigers by 2022. The purpose…


The longest lunar eclipse this century

From 9 pm on Friday 27 July until 1:30 am on Saturday 28 everyone should watch the sky: we will be able to observe one of the most fascinating and not very frequent natural events. On this evening, in fact,…


Earth Overshoot Day 2018

On 1 August this year, humanity will have already consumed all the resources produced by our planet in a year. Once again this year, in fact, we have reached what the experts call  Earth Overshoot Day, that is the moment…


Fishing for waste along the River Po

The operation against marine debris begins with the longest river in Italy, thanks to an initiative called “Il Po d’AMare”, the first experimental project to prevent marine litter presented yesterday (18 July) at the Castello Estense in Ferrara. The project,…

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