Fewer tourists, more turtle nests in Thailand

With empty beaches due to the decline in tourism as a result of the pandemic, protected species such as the hawksbill turtle and the green turtle have been able to nest without being disturbed in several places in the world…


Higher than average temperatures split the Milne ice shelf

The Milne ice shelf on the north-west coast of Ellesmere Island in Nunavut, Canada, broke up into two large blocks due to temperatures 5°C higher than average. The first large split created in this 4-thousand-year-old platform was detected between 30…


Record renewable energy sources: in May they cover 50% of electricity consumption

2020 will be a memorable year for many reasons, including the significant drop in energy consumption and the contribution of renewable sources. The closures imposed in response to the pandemic have, in fact, led to a number of records, including…


FAO: Forest loss is slowing down thanks to an increase in sustainable policies

Did you know that although the world's forests are decreasing, the rate of loss has slowed? This is what emerges from the latest FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) Global Forest Resources Assessment 2020, the annual report providing essential…


Hydrogen will travel throughout Europe by 2040

Hydrogen and biomethane will play an important role in the transition to a zero-emission energy system, especially when intelligently combined with electricity from renewable sources. This idea is the basis of an ambitious infrastructure plan developed by a group of…


Forestami, the green revolution in Milan

Planting 3 million trees within the territory of the metropolitan city of Milan by 2030 - multiplying the number of trees along streets, squares and in courtyards, on the roofs and façades of our houses: this is the main and…


Po d’Amare in Turin, here are the results

The "Po d'Amare" initiative, an experimental project for the prevention of river and marine waste in the largest river in Italy, has produced excellent results in the city of Turin. During the trial period, which took place between September 2019…


Comet NEOWISE visible in the July sky

July nights have a special surprise in store for astronomy enthusiasts: Comet C/2020 F3 Neowise which, this month, is becoming more and more luminous to the point of being visible to the naked eye and photographable. The comet was observed…


The largest photovoltaic park in Italy is located in Apulia

The largest photovoltaic park in Italy is now connected to the national grid. This was announced by the Danish company European Energy who completed this project just one year after the first phase of work. The plant is located in…

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