Christmas trees become paint and food sweeteners

Christmas has just gone by and Epiphany (Twelfth Night) has brought all the festivities to an end as it does every year.  Christmas decorations have been put away until next year, while many real Christmas trees have been taken to…


Good news from WWF on climate and biodiversity

In 2019 too, there will be no lack of challenges for conservation of biodiversity, threatened every day by climate change and human impact. In order to begin this new year on the right note, WWF has listed 10 of the…


The Madagascan pochard has been reintroduced into the natural environment

The Aythya innotata, a diving duck considered almost extinct, is once again living on Lake Sofia, in Northern Madagascar. Indeed, 21 of these ducks raised in captivity have been released, after being held for a number of days in a…


ISPRA report on the quality of urban environments

Once again it’s time for end of year ratings and reports that give an accurate picture of the environment’s state of health. The 14th edition of the ISPRA report on  “Urban Environment Quality”, presented in Rome on 19th December, gives…


EU agreement on single-use plastic: these are the banned products

Agreement has been reached, not without difficulty, between the European Commission, the European Parliament and EU Member States to ban a number of single-use plastic products most frequently found littering the sea. It must be remembered that over 80% of…


Cop24: an agreement reached, not without perplexities

After a stalemate lasting several days, making it necessary to extend the summit by 24 hours, an agreement to counter the climate change was reached at Cop24 in Katowice, Poland. The 196 countries taking part in the conference on climate…


Arctic: record temperatures in 2018 too

The year 2018 has been the second warmest year ever recorded in the Arctic and there is reason to believe that this trend towards warming will continue, disrupting the terrestrial weather models. This is what NOAA (the National Oceanographic and…


International Mountain Day

“(…) Mountains are an important source of water, energy and biodiversity.  Furthermore, they are a source of such key resources as minerals, forest products and agricultural products and of recreation. As a major ecosystem representing the complex and interrelated ecology…


COP24, the most eagerly awaited meeting on climate, gets off to a start

The Conference of the Parties promoted by the United Nations on climate change, COP 24, has begun in the Polish city of Katowice. The Climate Summit's inaugural message was clear: the threat to the climate has never been so urgent.…

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