Microplastics found in 11 protected areas in the United States

Even the wildest and most remote areas of our planet are now increasingly threatened by plastic and increasingly less uncontaminated. A recent study entitled Plastic rain in protected areas of the United States, published in the journal Science, found large…


World Oceans Day

8 June is World Oceans Day – established on 8 June 1992 during the environmental summit in Rio de Janeiro and recognised by the United Nations too in 2008 – to underline the importance of this inestimable common heritage, covering…


World Environment Day 2020

5 June is World Environment Day, during which governments around the world, but also individual citizens, are called upon to reflect on the health of our planet. This anniversary was established by the United Nations General Assembly 48 years ago…


World Bicycle Day

Today is World Bicycle Day. It was officially established by the United Nations on April 12, 2018 as a day for celebrating and promoting the social benefits of this means of transport: bicycles are easy to maintain, reliable, healthy and…


What to do if you meet a wild animal? ENPA explains

During the lockdown in the past few months, we have witnessed unusual scenes of wild animals walking on asphalt roads, in squares and parks. But how should you behave when you meet them? How do you know whether you are…


International Day for Biological Diversity 2020

On May 22, the International Day for Biological Diversity, an initiative established to underline the importance of protecting the extraordinary wealth of all living species on Earth, was held. The date was chosen to commemorate the day in 1992 when…


World Bee Day

Today, Monday 20 May, is World Bee Day. The aim of the day is to attract attention to the key role of these hard-working insects, sorely tried by human activities and climate changes. Bees, in fact, like other pollinating animals,…


Italian Overshoot Day reached

This year once again we have reached Italian Overshoot Day, the moment when we would have used up the resources available for a year if the whole planet consumed as much as our country. From tomorrow, May 15, we will…


Australian wildfires, figures and consequences

Wildfires are continuing in Australia, and the worst hit states are Queensland and New South Wales. According to estimates, from September to date, around 487.7 million animals, including birds, reptiles and mammals (invertebrates are not counted) are thought to have…

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