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Zircon: a testimony to reconstruct the history of the Earth

About 470 million years ago, an asteroid colliding between Mars and Jupiter caused an explosion that manifested itself on Earth through a "cascade" of meteorites. This unusual "shower" of celestial bodies lasted millions of years and was so impressive that…

Earth sunrise over cloudy ocean with no stars


Is there life on the planet Wolf 1061c?

Is there life beyond Earth? It is to answer this question that since time immemorial scientists and philosophers throughout the world have been working. And it is always to answer this question that astronomers from San Francisco University are studying…

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A second more before saying goodbye to 2016

On 31 December 2016 at 23:59:59, clocks around the world must add a leap second to their programming. This according to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), otherwise known as "civil time". Historically, the measurement of time was based on the rotation…

Far galaxy


To the origin of the universe thanks to a new family of stars

Far, far away, in the heart of the Milky Way, astronomers have observed a new family of stars that could help shed light on the origins of our galaxy. The discovery comes from the Astrophysics Research Institute of LJMU, a…

Super Moon Setting


Tonight the Moon will be super!

Tonight, by simply looking at the sky, we will be able to see a unique spectacle: the Moon, in fact, will be the biggest and brightest in the last 68 years... in short, a Super Moon! One like this has…

Earth and Moon with stars in the background.


New study on the origin of the Moon

How was our satellite formed? Astronomers and scientists worldwide have been trying to answer this question for years and new research challenges previous theories on the formation of the Moon. A new article was published a few days ago in…



News: World Space Week 2016

From 4 to 10 October will be World Space Week, WSW, an initiative established by the United Nations on 6 December 1999 to commemorate two important historical dates: 4 October 1957, the date of the launch of the Russian satellite…



FAST is ready to scan the sky

FAST (Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope), the largest radio telescope in the world, is ready to scan the sky for extraterrestrial life. The radio telescope is situated in the remote county of Pingtang in the south western Chinese province of Guizhou,…



First Juno flyby successfully completed

It reached the orbit of Jupiter on 4 July (4 July 2016: the Juno spacecraft reached the orbit of Jupiter and brought a lot of Italy with it) and finally, after going through the turbulent clouds of Jupiter, last Saturday,…

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