Transit of Mercury

Starting from 13.12 (Italian time) we will be able to observe the transit of Mercury in front of the Sun. Mercury will cross the solar disc almost diametrically and the transit will last a total of seven and a half…



Fourth Sentinel has left Earth

The launch of Sentinel-1B took place yesterday, 25 April, at 23.02 hours Italian time. After two postponements due to bad weather, the Soyuz rocket was finally able to take off from the European Space Agency (ESA) base in Kourou, French…



Record-breaking black hole

In a galaxy not far from ours, where scientists thought they could not find such large objects, a supermassive black hole has been discovered. Affirming so is a study recently published in Nature, which also affirms that there could be…



3000 drawings ready to leave for the space with CHEOPS

3000 drawings have been selected among the tens of thousands which entered the "Send your drawing into space with CHEOPS" contest, open to all children between 8 and 14 years of age from Switzerland or one of the ESA, European…



ExoMars2016, Europe ready to leave for Mars

The launch of the ExoMars probe from the Baikonur space centre in Kazakhstan is scheduled for today at 10:31 (Italian time). ExoMars is a robotic exploration mission of Mars developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Russian Space…



AstroSamantha, record woman in space

In recent years, Samantha Cristoforetti has collected quite a number of records: she was the first Italian woman in space, the first woman to have spent 199 days, 15 hours and 42 minutes outside the Earth's atmosphere and also the…



Third space Sentinel launched

On Tuesday, 16 February at 18:57, the Sentinel-3A satellite, which next year will be joined by its twin, the Sentinel-3B, was launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in northern Russia. The two Sentinel-3 twins represent the third, and most complex, of…



Gravitational waves detected

Albert Einstein had theoretically predicted them in 1916: a century after that prediction, scientists have, for the first time, managed to directly observe gravitational waves, ripples in the "fabric" of spacetime, arriving on Earth after being produced by the collision…

Space scene with asteroids


The asteroid 2013 TX68 is again flying close to Earth

On 5 March next, the asteroid 2013 TX68, an interstellar "rock" with a diameter of 30 metres discovered in October 2013, will pass close to Earth. When it was discovered in 2013, the asteroid 2013 TX68 passed at a distance…

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