Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand


Zealandia: the eighth continent?

An eighth continent is ready to enter the list which already includes Africa, North America and South America, Antarctica, Asia, Europea and Oceania. Zealandia, a huge land mass almost completely submerged (94%) in the south west Pacific. Known to most…

Greenlanic Northern lights


New current in the inner core of the Earth discovered

Scientists have observed it thanks to a satellite capable of performing a sort of "X-ray" of our planet. This is a current which flows through the inner core of the Earth, moving at 40 Km per year. Previously, geophysicists were…



Deep Blue. There is water in the bowels of the Earth

Down, down, down into the crust to 400-600 km below the Earth's surface. This is the depth which the water present on our planet apparently reaches. According to an American study, brucite - a mineral which belongs to the magnesium…

Green city concept


100 materials for a new way of building

Is it possible to build more safely and more sustainably? According to the Report of the Legambiente Recycling Observatory, yes! The Report “100 materials for a new way of building“, developed in collaboration with Ecopneus, was presented yesterday by Legambiente…

Seismograph Earthquake Activity


Satellites to study earthquakes from space

From 23 to 25 August, a seminar was held in Beijing on the Italo-Chinese-mission CSES, a project which envisages the investigation of earthquakes through the use of satellites. Italy and China, countries that have large parts of their territory with…



World Environment Day

Since 1972, on 5 June the day dedicated to the Environment is celebrated worldwide. The World Environment Day (WED) was established in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly, with the aim of raising awareness among the worldwide population on…



Earth Day

22 April is Earth Day, one of the largest initiatives in favour of the planet, during which every year a series of events and initiatives are promoted to raise awareness on environmental issues. The day, established by the United Nations,…



Earth Hour 2016

On Saturday, 19 March, the Earth Hour returns: at 8.30 pm, each country, according to its summer time, will switch off all lights for one hour. The Earth Hour is the WWF global mobilisation initiative which, starting from the symbolic…



International Mountain Day

“(…) Mountains are an important source of water, energy and biodiversity. Moreover, they are a source of key resources such as minerals, forestry and agricultural products and recreation. As an important ecosystem, representing the complexity and ecological interdependence of our…

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