CinemAmbiente 2015

From 6 to 11 October, the 18th edition of CinemAmbiente, the festival which was the first in Italy to present and promote environmental films, will be held in Turin. The festival, which is normally held in June, has been moved…



Clean Up the Dark

Identify, report and if possible to clean up and reclaim all those cavities, both natural and artificial, which have become illegal landfills: this is the goal of the "Clean Up the Dark" event, now in its tenth edition, to be…



Earthquake in Chile

At 10.54 pm on 16 September (00.54 am on 17 September in Italy) a violent earthquake of magnitude 8.2 struck the coast of Chile, about 54 km from Illapel and 233 km north of Santiago. The earthquake occurred in the…



European soils “eaten away” by erosion

According to a report by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, water removes 970 million tons of soil per year in Europe: an area equal to the city of Berlin but one metre thick. The average erosion rate…



Conference on desertification at Expo Milano 2015

Today, 26 August at 2.30 pm, in the auditorium of Palazzo Italia at Expo Milano 2015, a scientific conference on desertification, organised by CNR, will be held. The event will be attended by Mauro Centritto, Director of the National Research…



World Environment Day

Since 1972, on 5 June the day dedicated to the Environment is celebrated worldwide. The World Environment Day was established in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly, with the aim of raising awareness among the worldwide population on the…



Earth Day

22 April is the Earth Day. The celebration, established by the United Nations, is intended to remind us that we need to recover that original balance, to underline that this is the only planet we have and that we must…


BILLI, the laser radar that helps to predict volcanic eruptions

One of the most dangerous and disquieting elements of volcanic eruptions is their unpredictability, but thanks to a new technology developed by ENEA we will be able to foresee the arrival of these phenomena and warn the populations at risk.…


Earth Day 2014

The 44th anniversary of Earth Day will be celebrated on 22 Aprile 2014.

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